Why join PRARA?

You may not realize it, but PRARA’s lobbying and advocacy campaigns have saved you thousands of dollars.

  • PRARA preserved automobile safety inspections for service stations and garages in Pennsylvania.

  • PRARA was instrumental in setting up the Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund program that protects every owner and operator in Pennsylvania.

  • PRARA fought to keep reformulated fuel out of Western PA.

  • PRARA worked with the Stakeholders group to raise the gasoline volume for Stage II.

  • PRARA is continuing the fight for an improved I/M program.

  • PRARA lobbied to get the Drive-off legislation passed and succeeded.

  • PRARA was successful in their efforts to lessen penalties in the Underage Tobacco legislation

  • PRARA is continuing to lobby for the Right to Repair Bill and Super fund legislation