Membership Benefits

• Workers comp and Garage Liability
         • Harleysville insurance through Bulava & Associates
• Property and Casualty insurance through Bulava & Associates
• Disability insurance through Bulava & Associates
• Cancer insurance through Bulava & Associates

Our monthly newsletter contains updates on legislation and other information concerning our industry. As an associate member, you will receive free advertising in our Member-to-Member-Services.

UST Leak Detection SIR
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) program for compliance with EPA mandated UST leak detection and monitoring. Our program offers the best solution at the best price.

Compliance Management
Discounted programs to assist you and to keep you in compliance with environmental regulations

Banking machines

Bankcard Processing Discount Rates

Automotive Training Classes
Emissions, emissions recertification, safety classes, stage II certification, seminars & workshops, and AB Operator Training Certification

State and National Lobbyist
Keeps abreast of all the legislation that affects the gasoline, garage and convenience store industries
• John Kulik – state representative
• SSDA – national representative

Legal Assistance and Services

Full time office staff
A well knowledgeable staff to answer questions and to assist you in any way possible

Annual meetings & Trade shows
Meetings and trade shows to keep you informed

Financial planning
Assistance in business and personal planning

State Inspection and Emission Signs
Signs to identify your business

State Inspection Books
Supplies needed for business’ record keeping

Social events
Events such as ball games, picnics, racing, etc.

Code of Ethics
Lets your customers know that you comply with all laws-local, state, and national-regulating the operation of our association.

Convenience Store Training

We Card Program
Resources for information, training and tools needed to assist retailers pertaining to tobacco products

Grocery suppliers
Associate members offering a complete line of grocery items

Scholarship Program
A scholarship program to assist regular member’s children attending college, trade or business school to further their education