A Historic Prospective

Associated Retail Gasoline Dealers Inc. was chartered on August 13, 1937 when South Hills Association merged with East Liberty Association. In April 1987, ARGD was changed to Petroleum Retailers & Auto Repair Association. The Association name was changed to include businesses such as garages, convenience stores and car washes. Due to World War II, there wasn’t much activity for the first eight years of the Association. The first elected Officers and Board of Directors was held in 1945. 2007 will mark Petroleum Retailers 70th Anniversary, helping independent retailers.

Mission Statement

The object or purpose of this association is to promote mutual understanding, welfare and the best interest of its members. To establish, adopt and maintain such ethical standards of performance and practices as will promote a friendly and a cooperative relationship between its members and the motoring public. To foster fraternal feelings, seek equitable and just laws, regulations and/or ordinances in order to preserve, protect and further the best interest of its members and their customers.